Quite simply, at Antique Jewelry Love, we favor all things vintage and antique, and love sharing it with others. Our curated jewelry includes antique, vintage, and estate pieces from all over the world, coming together to bring a truly eclectic  selection of beautiful jewels to you.  

Tamrah Bordini, Founder

How did it all begin? Like so many of my colleagues I really fell into to the jewelry business by accident. I started part time, my first year in college, while I was studying art and design. I loved it! I decided that I really wanted to try to incorporate my studies into the jewelry world.  I began taking sculpture classes, and went on to apprentice a wonderful goldsmith who focused on modern, cutting-edge design.  While I still find some of the uber modern pieces fascinating, I never felt that I was able to express myself through them.  

After getting married, traveling, and living life, I eventually found myself needing employment, and approached a family friend who is in the fine art and antique jewelry business.  He really became a mentor and introduced me to antique and estate jewelry.  It was exactly what I was looking for.  I loved the passion that went into the designs and the handcrafted workmanship of each piece.  All that art history I studied,and never before had I studied the history of jewelry.  I was fascinated. I decided to make a career of the jewelry world, and I was encouraged to go through GIA and become a gemologist.

The aesthetic movement, the art nouveau period, and the arts and crafts period are my favorite periods right now, but that could change with the next piece of jewelry I find or story I hear.  Some of the designs take my breath away.  I love to think about who it was created for and the stories these pieces could tell.  I also love the Victorian, Belle Epoque, and Art Deco pieces, the Victorian symbolism and the deco frivolity.

So I have decided to finally share my passion.  The pieces shown are hand picked by me and some are from my own collection.  I am always looking for a new old treasure to share with you.